One billion liters of coffee (Mark) proces + final

Visualizing one billion definitely wasn’t easy, for the longest time I kept overly complicating things. But when it finally came together I was actually quite proud of the visual. I’ve included the final (hi-res) version as well as a short summary of some process shots, those aren’t in exact chronological order (due to portrait vs. landscape, but it’ll suffice to give a good idea of how it went).

A3-poster-v1.0 (hi-res PDF).

Note: I wasn’t keeping separate process posts yet at this point in the minor. So it’s included in this one.

Thanks for your feedback guys (not just on the final day, but especially before that). It was duly noted! Oh and it was blue because I decided on the Flat UI color scheme, and it didn’t include brown.
– Mark


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