Romeo And Juliet Concept Ideas

r&j idea2.1 r&j idea2.2 r&j idea2 r&j idea3.1 r&j idea3

All of the “R&J idea2” Images are attempts at making a type of landmass out of geometric shapes representing the general tone of emotion for each half-page. Each of these segments were given a space on a colour wheel, and the starting point of the next shape would be on the right-hand corner of the previous shape. At this current point I’m unsure what would be best for this design, in some ways I want it to be a mistery, give the whole poster a title and let the landmasses explain for themselves. On the other hand, I want people to actually understand whats going on and why I’ve selected those paticular emotions.

The “R&J idea3” images are the same colour shapes as in “R&J idea2” but this time they are ordered on a skeletal web made from the colour wheels that they are from. It gives a more structured effect, although I’m not entirely sure if thats the correct way to show this idea. One version is like a race, a trail that tells the start and end, the other is the same, however it has the grid in the background for structure.


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