Graded Assignments (Tim)

The two assignments I want to be graded on are both the Romeo & Juliet works I created. These are assignment 2 and assignment 5. I feel like both these projects took me to a new level of designing a piece.

I think assignment 2 turned out to be a really complete and coherent graphic visualization and I am quite proud of it. Assignment 5 was the biggest and scariest experiment I’ve ever done during my time at CMD and to be fairly honest, I have no idea if I did ‘good’ in this one but that doesn’t scare me away from wanting it to be graded.

Hopefully this will also show the difference between the old me that started this minor and the person that I am now as we come up to the end of it.

Assignment 2 was a real time consumer if you look at the time it actually took to make the final piece and brush it up in Illustrator. It was a perfect example of me having a clear idea of what I wanted and just going for it. Though I have played around with colour and structure, the end result still looked a lot like what I imagined it to be after about a week into the project. Even though the actual deeper meaning of this piece only became clear to me after talking about it a couple of times with different people.

Assignment 5 was a totally different story. I tried a lot of different things with shapes, colours, emotions, typography, structure, size etc. and what I eventually created is something I had no clear vision of until about three days ago. It was a real experiment that has forced me to get out of my comfort zone and probably stay there until I get feedback about it. The actual time it took to make these three pieces might not be that spectacular but the journey to get there surely was and I feel like this experimenting has given me new insights in designing… anything, really.

My goals of focusing more on the graphic part of designing, data driven or not, and giving more meaning to the things I create have in my eyes been quite successful. Although at times I lost myself in the programming bits, I always tried to keep my head on straight and not skip the thinking about, sketching and questioning of my design choices in all my works. Some graphic works of my fellow colleagues still intrigue and baffle me, quite frankly because I sometimes don’t fully understand their meaning, but I feel like I’ve gotten this much closer to grasping what they tried to put into their creations.


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