Home Stretch – Reflection and 2 piece selection

EDIT: Added the website (second assignment)

Home stretch, we’re nearly there. And what a ride it has been. Admittedly not always fun, definitely not easy but certainly well worth it!

First one to be graded, Romeo & Juliet.

Jpg version

High-ress link


  • This project had me stuck for the longest time. It was hard to create something from this abstract data. Most of the data was mined by us which was an interesting and very crucial part of the proces. It really helped put things in perspective.
  • Certainly getting the visual translation through processing was an arduous task in itself. Working with it for the final graphic proved a handful as well so I had to go back and revise it several times. Changing the parameters so it could actually fit on my poster.
  • One of my main goals for this minor was to explore different things before finishing CMD and starting the final project. I think Romeo and Juliet pushed me to go to in other directions. My hatred actually becoming the pivotal point of the assignment.
  • I loved using my own feelings and giving my own interpretation of the story. As well as trying to get others to understand my point of view on Romeo and why I dislike him.
  • Another of my goals for the minor as a whole was to do more graphic design work. R&J gave me the opportunity to combine my feelings with my hatred for processing and Romeo together with my love for graphic design.
  • Creating something from an abstract concept was hard at first. But without Romeo and Juliet I would not have been able to do it the other way either. I think this assignment was crucial for my final CBS data storytelling visual too!

The second one was a lot harder to pick. Ermagerddd Mark, why? Well I’ll tell you why. I really liked the progress we made with the cloud, especially towards the end we really picked up pace there. So it was either the cloud of strife, or the final assignment. In the end I went with the Challenge. EDIT: Added the website


This is a work in progress! I will update this post on sunday. But for now I did not finish it as far I would’ve liked. Mostly due to technical restraints as well as not being happy with how it’s turned out so far. There’s room for improvement. So why did I pick it anyway?


  • This one pushed my processing skills a lot. I finally learned what it means to stand on the shoulders of giants. That was a great relief.
  • It allowed me to let go. One of the things I usually struggle with. Because I like to exercise control on most things in my life. Not overly controlling, just enough. I can let go where others are concerned but for myself I strive to be the best I can be. Not in the philosophical sense, but yeah..
  • I pushed the experiments further than before. Really letting the design be dictated in large part by the data itself and creating meaning in a different way. The abstract visuals really came to life for me and drawing comparisons from the visual itself was refreshing.
  • I wanted this one to actually work, since my last CBS one was an animation. So far that’s definitely getting there!
  • Taking risks is usually not my style. Sometimes I play it too safe. The challenge forced me to take risks and mid way through I wasn’t at all sure that it would pay off. But I stuck with it and in retrospect it worked out perfectly. I was only able to see that after reflecting upon it though. That in itself gave me an enhanced view on things. To have faith that things will work out (given I usually have some faith, but it was boosted!).
  • Next to that, one of my final goals was to let the process itself thrive and not worry so much about the end result. I’ve been able to do that even up this very moment. Worrying more about the individual parts and getting those the way I want it rather than the final piece (hence it still being a work in progress at this time!).
  • Finally sharing more of my personal life with others helped me and I noticeably felt that after our mid-term talk. So I can say I’ve also shared more with friends and family these past few weeks.

I am confident that I’ve made the right choice by picking these two assignments and I look forward to discussing it with you guys after the weekend!

// Murk


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