About Meaningful Data Design

How can you express the hidden stories in social network data? How can you explain the financial crisis in a few images?

mdd sketch picture

Information is being generated at increasing speed, leading to massive volumes of stored data and to bewilderingly complex interconnected systems. Infographics can play a role in clarifying parts. But ultimately we will need designers who master the techniques to gain insights in these complex matters.

In the international exchangeprogramme Meaningful Data Design you will learn how to simplify and explain complex information. By analysing and visualising data in a smart way you will be able to add meaning and create insights. You will learn how to experiment with forms to choose the most relevant one, like for example (interactive) infographics, information objects or animations.

You will learn to translate abstract issues into meaningful stories.

The program consists of workshops, classes and lectures. Furthermore there will be guest lectures, master classes by design experts and at least one assignment for an external client.

Typical topics are:

  • Information design (such as typography, lay-out, visual styles for infographics);
  • Story telling and the factor time in visualisations, like in animations and online articles;
  • Interactivity and using large, dynamic data sets;
  • Designing from data (With Processing, D3 libraries, Data Scraping, API’s and generative algorithms);
  • Translating digital data into physical information objects, such as 3D-printed datascapes;
  • Data journalism: gathering and analysing data to find patterns that tell a story

Interested? Have a look on this blog where students post their work & progress

Here is the program guide

Meaningful Data Design is run by:

Allard Roeterink // Being educated to become an Industrial Design Engineer in 1998, I soon jumped into the field of interface and interaction design. Over the years my focus has shifted back to designing physical products or stimulating others to design them. Since 2005 I’ve been a part-time teacher at Communications & Multimedia Design Breda and the Design Academy Eindhoven. 

Nienke Huitenga // I lecture in new media, film, story design and research at Communication and Multimedia Design. On the side I design transmedia stories and strategies with Floris Kaayk. Since 2013 I run Hackastory as an online storytelling experiment hub where I want to bring storytellers, designers and coders together.


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